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My first Christmas tree!

My first Christmas tree!

I must be getting sentimental or something as I approach dreaded December 2003. Despite hating December for its perpetual darkness, insane shopping scrums thanks to two birthdays and Christmas to shop for (thank goodness for online shopping), the annual stocktake of “How crap has my life been this year?” and one or two social events which invariably result in too much mulled wine – PLUS a ski-ing holiday and the dreaded 30th birthday stocktake to come …

I went and bought Christmas tinsel and lights. Gawd knows why. The ever-so-lovely N bought me my first-ever Christmas tree as a thank you gesture. So I added to it with some blue-and-purple tinsel – and while I was it, bought some icicle lights to hang off our balcony which overlooks Central Cardiff. A nice idea at first, but the idea to draw attention to our flat didn’t quite work…

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