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"Swansea has a low-rent Sydney kind of feel to it"

"Swansea has a low-rent Sydney kind of feel to it"

“While my cockles are warming to the Land of my Fathers, I cannot help but consider that the reason they may previously have been as chilly as a saucer in a Prestatyn ‘caffy’ is because nobody runs down the place quite as much as the residents.”

At least according to famed almost-Welsh comedian Griff Rhys-Jones, who’s rediscovering his Welsh roots. Although since he was only born in Wales to Welsh parents, and was whisked away to Essex at the age of six months, that can be debated. He’s as Welsh as he feels.

He makes some interestingly hilarious points – although if it is true that all the Welsh need to do to conquer the English-speaking world a la Ireland and Scotland is to be cheeky grinning TV presenters, then that’s a depressing comment on the state of the world. But he’s right.

Not sure about Swansea being a dirty sunnier version of Sydney though. I’ve only been there at night and in the winter, mind!

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