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Happiness of the Katakuris – weird. Bulletproof Monk – bad.

Happiness of the Katakuris – weird. Bulletproof Monk – bad.

Well, I’ve just seen Happiness of the Katakuris – definitely one of the more surreal bizarre movies I’ve seen in a long time. Maybe I wasn’t drunk enough – and it’s definitely the kind of film to see at the cinema so you get closed in your own environment – but I just didn’t quite get it, apart from admiring its surrealism, and “interesting” ideas.

I probably enjoyed Bulletproof Monk more, although that film was so bad we didn’t even get to the end. It had the potential to be *the* Asiatic/American kung-fu crossover movie, but never had the courage of its convictions, kept changing mood abruptly and was far too cliched. Plus the CGI was terrible. On the other hand, Seann William Scott almost convinced as a guy who could kick butt.

However, I don’t want to suggest that all good films should have a linear plot. The worst thing about both films is that they never really got going – they were slow, and plodding in many many places.


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