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Pet Shop Boys' PopArt – what a rip-off!

Pet Shop Boys' PopArt – what a rip-off!

On Saturday, I had a succession of long car journeys ahead of me, so I succumbed to instant retail therapy and actually bought the Pet Shop Boys‘s 3-CD greatest hits compilation, PopArt, in an actual shop instead of waiting online and saving lots of cash.

When I do get a new CD, half the pleasure comes in finally opening the thing, and reading what I can – the liner notes, whatever. On a Greatest Hits package, you’d expect at least some kind of contextualising liner notes, perhaps a brief stop tour on the best songs, or even a few words from the Pets.

What do you get on PopArt? Nothing. Nada. Three CD sleeves, three CDs, publishing notes and some photographs. What’s there to look at? What a rip-off.

Maybe I’m just getting bitter.

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  • Sally the Hyena

    Maybe the clue's in the title. Would you expect Pollock, Hockney or Warhol to put a little note next to each of their works explaining what they were all about?

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