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Will people stop going on about the bloody Rugby World Cup?

Will people stop going on about the bloody Rugby World Cup?

ok. England won. Woo-hoo. “We” beat Australia (since as National Front people keep charmingly reminding me, I’m not English). Fine. We’re happy. Really.

But 24 hours after the victory, should the major news report *really* be “England still celebrates its’ victory”? When Iraq/Turkey/Georgia are going up in flames? Or were all the journalists still sozzled in pubs somewhere?

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  • Too bloody right. I really enjoyed watching the match (it was improved no end by the irrate male company throwing cushions across the room at the TV and shouting obscenities throughout)but I can't stand it when sport is reported as *news*. Sure it has a place at the end of the news bulletin but it isn't news, it's just a game. Sportsmen(particularly footballers) are just overpaid and oversexed, It's just entertainment at the end of the day and I'm not that interested. I watch the news for real news but sadly it's often lacking. (Wales today are really bad at taking up the majority of their half hour with Welsh rugby or football. If only I had channel 4 news, perhaps I should get that digibox after all).

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