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Is it a protest if there are no camera crews? ;)

Is it a protest if there are no camera crews? ;)

Walking through Cardiff City Centre at lunchtime, I saw a small anti-war/anti-Bush demo. Eight protesters were conducting a sit-in on one lane of the road, thoughtfully allowing traffic to procede at a snail’s pace through the other lane. Meanwhile a crowd of 20-30 anti-war demonstrators complete with generic Socialist Worker placards (why oh why oh why is it *always* the Socialist Workers ?!), surrounded by about 10 police officers. But not to worry, the forces of law and order in the shape of two or three police vans were parked around the corner each filled with bored police officers.

While it’s great that on a grey and miserable day such as we have in Cardiff, people still feel empowered to protest, what was the point really? No TV crews, since they’re all far more concerned about the Wales vs. Russia match tonight – or the main demonstrations of American imperialism power in London. Yer average shopper is not going to give two figs about the demonstration – except perhaps grumbling about them getting in the way of your Christmas shopping. So just who are the protesters trying to convince?

And as I write, not a single piece of news coverage on the Cardiff demo on any news site that I can see. Not even BBC News Wales or iC Wales

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