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Bush loves protestors – as long as they love God and peace

Bush loves protestors – as long as they love God and peace

President Bush has said how he’s welcoming protests in London – as long as they “agree with the goals of the United States, which is peace and freedom.”. To totally prove that he just doesn’t get it, he also goes on to say how freedom isn’t a gift from America to the world, it’s a gift from the Almighty to the world.

I’d just love to know what his definition of freedom is. Presumably one where God is well loved.


  • S0mebody

    Oh my god, dude. YOU don't get it. This from the same guy who bans someone who disagrees with him?

    If you are such a free speech crusader, Andrew, why don't you step up and defend your positions, instead of hiding behind IP blocking?

    Or are you just too damn afraid?

  • Why don't you reveal who you are, instead of just hiding in the shadows, sniping and launching random insults instead of sitting down and *discussing* the issues?

    You lost your chance to be heard when you started attacking people for being Welsh, being obscenely arrogant and not listening to people's positions.

    Call me when you're ready to talk, not shout.

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