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I went to see Goldfrapp – and lo, it was good

I went to see Goldfrapp – and lo, it was good

A work colleague and myself eventually managed to persuade each other to trudge through the rain to see Goldfrapp. And it was definitely worth it.

The last band I saw live turned out to be a slightly morose rock bands – Placebo – far more interested in being dark and hidden than putting on a good show.

But Goldfrapp delivered a fantastic light’n’sound show. The lights were awesome, the bass shook my underpants – someone must have seen the bass-o-meter and turned it up to 12. Indeeed, I found myself half the time literally transported/tranced by the music. Oh, and Ms. Goldfrapp had a semi-sexy top on – couldn’t tell half the time. Which is half the charm probably.

The downside was that Ms. Goldfrapp had a distinctly frosty attitude to the audience. And half the time her vocals were *so* piercing, i’m still not sure whether she was singing live or whether it was all on tape.

But when you come out of a gig happy, more energized and with your ears ringing, who cares?


  • It was ace, wasn't it? She wasn't miming – it was all live. They're just very, very good at what they do. I have a crush on Alison Goldfrapp now – it's a shame she's supposed to be a bit of a bitch.

  • alison

    We saw them at Bexhill and they were DEFINATELY miming

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