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The problems with the Tory party…

The problems with the Tory party…

Well, well, a Tory leadership election again. Is it that time already?

It’s interesting watching BBC News Online – as soon as the results came out, all the post-election analysis was ready to see. Like the vultures circling a dying body.

Hilariously, BBC Wales were polling Tory party members in Anglesey. And who did they choose to speak? Someone with the poshest toffee-nosed English accent you would not expect to hear in Anglesey.

But as long as the Tory party can *seriously* countenance electing people like Michael Howard as leader of the Tory party, and ignoring people like Michael Portillo – who has done an about turn in terms of public image over the last 5 years – they’ll never get elected. I mean, who on earth would elect someone called “evil”? Someone who never seems quite honest? And isn’t the point of a political party to get elected?

In a sense, it’s a shame that IDS was booted out – because under him, the Tories might never have beaten Labour. With another leader – but NOT Michael Howard, please God no – they might give Labour a good run. And Labour need a damn good kicking – but I do wish the Lib Dems would hurry up and get elected. We need a good Opposition – not one that’s still obsessed about Europe, and gay candidates.

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