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Uma's feet – erch!

Uma's feet – erch!

Joe’s Kill Bill post reminded me of something I totally forgot about when I blogged about Kill BillUma’s feet!

In one bit, we see her feet in grisly detail as she tries to get herself back together again. Forget all the blood and guts that you’ll see before and after this – those feet have just got to go. They look so bony and huge, they look like men’s feet.

Knowing the way Hollywood works, it seems a tad unlikely they actually used Uma’s feet – in which case they must have had a stand-in. But you’d have thought that they’d use “feminine” feet to match the rest of her. Or maybe a hard day’s killing tends to make your feet grow.

And it must be handy having an Other Half like Joe does who can tell her about how anatomically correct the film is with decapitations. Although I’m not too sure whether the science of keeping a sword inside someone’s body until the blood pressure builds and everything explodes is entirely accurate.

Oh, and of course nowhere near enough usage of the iconic piece of music from Hotei Tomoyasu that’s in the trailer. We want more from Tomoyasu! Well, at least I do.


  • Maybe they should've used Richard Gere's feminine feet to stand in for Uma, and they should've used Uma's feet for Richard's in Pretty Woman? I still have nightmares about Gere's feet; honestly I used to have a bit of a crush on him – after An Officer and a Gentleman (I am a sucker for uniforms) but after seeing his feet I was cured for life!

  • Oooh and I thought that foot binding had stopped in China, perhaps the old traditions are alive and well in Cardiff. (Many many apologies for this remark but I think it's really funny that you don't like big feet.)
    As for Uma's feet in kill bill, I couldn't possibly comment, Aber is a little behind the times I'm afraid, maybe it'll get here before xmas.

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