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The Shining is the scariest film of all time?

The Shining is the scariest film of all time?

At least, according to Channel 4’s 100 Greatest Scary Moments.

To be fair, I haven’t seen The Shining but surely being trapped in a forest (Blair Witch Project), being taken over by a being (Exorcist) and creepy kids (The Omen) outranks being chased by a mad human?


  • Never thought Jack Nicholson was that scary to be honest… but the Exorcist freaked me out (and I like horror movies!)

  • Ernie the wombat

    Er, if you haven't seen it, why are you bothering to write about it? And why am I bothering to reply? (shoots own head off)

  • saturn

    How can you make a value judgement about something you haven't seen / experienced? And your remark "…being chased by a mad human" shows how little about the film you know sir!

  • Jack Nicholson is a fantastic and captivating actor, but I don't think The Shining is very scary. I personally found Blair Witch terrifying. If you can somehow put all the ridiculous PR and hype out of your mind, it's quite scary.

  • th shining is not scary at all. if that is the worlds most scariest film then…………

    no its not scary

  • The Shining aint bout bein chased by a mad human, its more psychological thn tht, blair witch is a smart idea, exorcist is just no longer scary in this day its just amusing (although the new 1 looks quite interesting!)

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