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Kill! Bill! Fab!

Kill! Bill! Fab!

Just went to see Kill Bill – I know, a week after everyone else – and fortunately/unfortunately, I haven’t had the time this week to read up on every little review of a film like I normally do.

And all I can say is that Kill Bill rocks. Well, it rocks if you were brought up on fuzzy VHS copies of 1970s martial-art Japanese films – which I hated at the time because of the obscenely low production values, dodgy vision/sound and the stereotypedness of the people in it.

Now I’m a grown adult (!) with less of a chip on my shoulder about Asian/Chinese kung-fu heritage, I can take it for what it is. And bless QT for having the box office clout for giving what would normally be a straight-to-video-type B-movie plot the Hollywood A-class production treatment.

Vision that stuns, sound that awes, bass and kung-fu sounds that just sound fantastic on the big screen with big bass speakers, acting that isn’t too embarassing, people who *really* look like they want to kill each other – and some excellent characters that just linger in the memory on screen. The anime sequence even almost brought a tear to my eye….

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