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Lesbian googly eyes

Lesbian googly eyes

Only in the world of lesbiana would they try to solve a stalker problem by inviting everyone together to meet their new gf 😉

Let me explain. Last weekend, H wanted to support a fellow lesbian friend at a judo tournament. So she invited me to come along, and her new girlfriend Bonnie Tyler. And two of her ex-gfs/”stalkers” who she’d had trouble shaking off. She wanted to introduce them to each other in the hopes that they’d cancel each other out.

So I get there, and eventually find the two ex’s – including the one who I’d mistakenly thought liked me. Ah well. THen H walks in, and suddenly everyone’s attention is focussed on her – ignoring the four teams of judo teams battling in front of us. We all talk for a while.

Then H’s gf walks in. H ambles up to her, and makes googly eyes at her. I look at the two ex-gf’s – they’re making googly eyes at H. Then one of them turns to the other, and with a huge sigh, they’re resting on each others’ shoulders.

Well, it struck me as amusing/an interesting look at the time.

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