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Schwarzenegger, and what my Republican "friends" say…

Schwarzenegger, and what my Republican "friends" say…

There are days when I wonder just why I have (online) Republican buddies. Schwarzenegger’s victory to become leader of the world’s 5th largest economy has shown up some rather (IMHO) racist or otherwise inconsistent/questionable attitudes amongst my online buddies. And made me realise I care more about politics – or at least attitudes – than I think.

The worst comments come from Silverfishy, who told me over chat that:

a) I had no right to comment on the election, since I wasn’t an American.

In which case, what gives Americans the right to comment on other global events? Indeed, she still maintains that I shouldn’t discuss American events. Which is strange because we discuss American films and other pop culture stuff. And mostly her dating life.

And of course, if we all followed her example and only became interested in topics in our own countries, we’d have even more of a fractured “global community” than we do already. Aren’t we all supposed to be one human race?

b) She questioned just how Schwarzy, a foreigner, could become Governor of an American state? erm… perhaps because he’s lived there for a very very long time, has paid his taxes and is entitled to take part in political discussions and debates as much as anyone else?

The ironic thing (amongst many) is that Silverfishy claims to love travelling and meeting new people. Patently as long as they’re all-American and all-white.

To be fair, I’m struggling for a reason why I still keep Silverfishy as a chat buddy. She says I shouldn’t date outside my race, which is another terrible thing to say. Anyway, I’ve done something I should have done a long time ago, and cut Silverfishy off. There’s only so much of that entrenched racist anti-foreign isolationist ill-informed attitude I can take.

Arizona Cutie claims that the recent allegations about Schwarzy’s groping of women is nothing more than a liberal media conspiracy and cunningly timed for the elections. Well, of course it is, it’s the media. But it’s not as if these allegations weren’t raised before – I’m fairly sure I’ve got an old Premiere magazine saying the same thing.

Anyway, the “interesting” thing that Arizona Cutie said was something along the lines of at least Schwarzy is no Clinton. Because obviously Clinton having consensual sex with a woman is a far worse crime than 8 women being groped or sexually harassed by a major film star.

And I’d obviously take argue with the American liberal media thing. Granted, the journos tend to be liberal. But their bosses tend to be hard-nosed right-wing businessmen. Which mostly balances it out. Then again, apparently it seems that half the American public agree with Arizona Cutie.

Just how did that Democrat/Republican couple marry each other ?!

Ah well, at least we won’t get Terminator 4… or True Lies 2 or Eraser 2.


  • First of all, I have something against all Republicans, sorry guys and gals, even though one of my friends tends to worship the ground on which all Bushes walk. We no longer discuss politics for it may kill our friendship; when she sends me a pro-Bush mail, I’ll respond with the vilest anti-Bush mails I can find and all is quiet on the western front for a long time.
    But well, now that Mr. Universe, or the Terminator has worked himself up to Governator of the Golden State, I can’t help but wonder what he will do for unemployment (I guess he’s not firing the Mexican pool boy) and the state debt. As Tom Rhodes said, maybe he can go back in time, steal the money and put it back in the California treasury. Yet somehow I can see some tarnish on that once so Golden State of California. I have jokingly said, they now have a governor who can’t pronounce the name of the state properly, but honestly that is not my main concern.
    As for Arnie’s wandering hands, and his groping; a Dutch journalist confirmed those allegations, for he grabbed her buttocks the minute she stepped into the room to interview him. Apparently this journalist did not seem to mind much, and returned the favour.
    I am not American, but I do have an opinion and I feel free to voice it.
    Actually I think my own government needs a good kick in the proverbials and our prime-minister has to go. But that’s a different subject.

  • Anonamie

    So am i not a true friend, only a "friend" if i don't share the exact same political views as you? I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinions on politics. And that is what makes America what it is.
    If you feel so strongly about our democracy… might i suggest moving over here, becoming a citizen and running for office? Anything other than president anyways… (silverfish is stupid to think that a foreign born person cannot establish citizenship and become whatever they want here other than (pres. of course)) how on earth would they have founded the country otherwise? I believe that America belongs to the world… so long as we follow immigration laws, which is a problem we're having now.
    Anyways, my whole point being… You can't group people like Silverfish together with the rest of us common sense people who disagree with you. Just because i dont wear hemp shoes, drive a vegetable oil powered car, and love Clinton, i'm a terrible person? Yes, i side closer to the right… but no, i'm not close minded… I might not be the most brilliant person in the world, nor am i ignorant…
    The end….
    p.s. "AZ cutie" sounds BRILLIANT!

  • Anonamie

    and I'm sure you'll find something in there to rag on me about…..

  • I'm not grouping AZ Cutie and Silverfishy together particularly, because I'm far angrier at Silverfishy. AZ Cutie has her own opinion, which while I think is inconsistent, isn't IMHO offensive.

    Silverfishy's attitude, to me, as a non-white citizen of the world, is totally offensive and contradictory. That's what got my beef.

    Mind you, to suggest that either AZ Cutie/Silverfishy have common sense is laughable. Common sense is usually logical and consistent, for a start.

    PS: Hemp shoes are terrible, and I don't even have a car 😉

  • SOmebody

    * * * * *
    In which case, what gives Americans the right to comment on other global events?
    * * * * *

    Um… our global dominance, that's what.

    * * * * *
    There's only so much of that entrenched racist anti-foreign isolationist ill-informed attitude I can take.
    * * * * *

    Me too! And yet I keep reading your blog for some reason. Curious…

    * * * * *
    Because obviously Clinton having consensual sex with a woman is a far worse crime than 8 women being groped or sexually harassed by a major film star.
    * * * * *

    Hey, captain ill-informed: Clinton was accused of sexual battery by at least 3 women, and of rape by at least one woman. Get yourself informed before commenting on American politics (read the fucking paper).

  • SOmebody

    Ahhh… the wild mouth has been silenced for a week…

    Good, Andrew. Please take this time to educate yourself. You are lucky now to have a forum, and you have learned the responsibility that comes with it.

    Now be responsible.

  • Nice to know you care of my last week's movements. I've been meeting people from different cultures and enriching my life. And you?

    btw, nice to see you make use of the right to privacy under the American flag. Pity the Patriot Acts/Regulation of Communications Act (UK) pretty much eradicate that for us in the future!

  • SOmebody

    Me? Yeah, I've been doing the same. But I have been since 1974, pretty much. Its what we Americans do, mostly, at least the urban among us. I know in Wales its mighty fun to spout off about a "one world culture" and all but listen here: we have it in the states, and we've had it for near 50 years, so piss off about "I'm meeting people from other cultures…" Yeah right.

    Yesterday I met an Armenian and Georgian, and had coffee with a Russian girl and a Ukranian fellow. Next to us were a few mexicans, africans, and a Scot. I bought cigarettes from the indian guy down the street, and dinner from my favorite Chinese cook. Then I went to sleep and woke up to go to work for my Palestinian boss. Lunch from the greeks, where I flirted with a pretty Argentinian girl. Yep, and that was one day. Nice try, pal, but you don't know or can't remember about how different cultures can get along. We do it here every day.

    How 'bout you?

    And if you don't like your patriot act, fight it. We are, and have been, fighting ours since 2001. Its what we do.

  • Hi SOmebody, good to hear you can get on with such a wide ethnical mix at home and yet your leaders will happily condone killing them abroad… That's exactly what Cruise Missiles, Napalm and Coca Cola were invented for is it not?

    But don't worry – its only terrorism when they do it to you…

  • Anonymous

    Read my earlier post about you and the other unwashed, uneducated, led-like-sheep wretches of the world. Do you really think it is so simple? Prove your IQ to me, and I will engage you in conversation.

    A good start? Back up that turd you just pushed out. Give me something supporting your claim that we support killing innocents. I figure you can do that one of two ways: either regurgitate what an actual educated human being said that you agreed with (most likely), or go do some studying and come back and lay out a proper argument of your own (least likely). I will be waiting.

    Andrew has already proven his ignorance (and since then he's wisely kept his political fart-thoughts to himself). Can you do better, Mr. Dio?;16R1;0c

  • LOL – I know the American media keeps only tells you an insular view of what the big corporations and corrupt government want you to see, but I didn't realise that you were truly so ignorant of what actually happens in the world.

    Firstly, before you question my IQ, learn to read. I accused your government of condoning the killing of innocents – not you. Unless of course you are actually a leader (of an army of one I guess?) Secondly – how old are you? Your rants have all the self worthy smugness of a recently pubescent 14 year old boy.

    So where do you get your truth from in a country where all your news comes from the people who own you?

  • Apart from anything else, IQ is hardly a great measure of "intelligence". It's merely a measure of being able to do a series of arcane theoretical tests.

  • Hey SOmebody,
    I really don't see what one's IQ has to do with one's hatred for a certain American president. But just to inform you: my IQ is 144 and I think Bush is a twat!

  • Anonymous

    If either of you had an IQ above 80, you would have taken my point from my post. Thanks for unwittingly strengthening my argument, however.

    I make a valid point, and kindly ask you to back up your claim, and what do not one, not two, but three simple Welshmen do? Revolve around the term 'IQ' like so many moths around a lightbulb.

    You truly do represent Wales as the intellectual armpit of the World. I see now what my friends in London were talking about.

    Perhaps if I dumb down my posts to the level of grade school children we can have a discussion.

  • What point are you making exactly? You are a warrior of free speech and have the one true path of right-on thinking. You live in a nation free of debt, crippling poverty, slums, ghettos, greed, corruption, moralising, double standards and downright brutality and thus this gives you the right to tell everyone else on the planet what is right?

    Am I missing the point? How many babies have you saved from cruise missiles and carpet bombing with your heroic posturings? How many oppressive regimes have you crushed in your bare hands with your minor-league blog comments board postings? All I hear is nationalistic rant about how you live in a melting pot of cultures – to which I point out that's all very well, but try doing the same abroad.

    You obviously keep playing the IQ and personal card rather than engage in a meaningful debate. My IQ is irrelevant. I put it to you that you are a troll. A corporate whore sat at home on your Dell PC, listening to limp bizkit and chugging back your coke, firm in the belief that America has the right to do as it pleases because it is so damn apple-pie.

    I could spend an hour finding information for you but to be frank I have better things to do and you would probably have much difficulty in digesting said information.

    Feed the troll…
    Feed the troll…
    Feed the troll…

  • "Someone", you're painting yourself as such a reasonable culture-friendly person that you're berating three of us for being Welsh, when in fact only one of us is.

    It's been ages since I was involved in a troll flame war. Pity they haven't improved in time.

  • Global dominance – MY ASS! Who the fuck died and made your country God? Not that I believe in God – but that's besides the point! It's high time some Americans realized they are not the only frigging nation in the world who have some kind of power. Bunch of goddamn megalomaniacs you are.
    See, now even I am resorting to generalizations while in fact I have many American friends who are nothing like that!

    And FYI I ain't Welsh – if I were my name would NOT be Cailleach – it'd be Gwrach! Maybe you're not as smart as you claim to be.

    Go gcreime maorlathaí míthrócaireach do chuid fo-éadaigh.

  • Scarlett

    Arnold Schwarzenegger reminds me a lot of Ronald Reagan. They both won the governor of California, and they both confuse movies with reality.

    http://arnold-schwarzenegger.entertainment-news.o… —-> Get the latest groping news

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