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Blair ignores the wishes of grieving parents…

Blair ignores the wishes of grieving parents…

Blair the people’s Prime Minister? Is he codswallop!

The father of a Welsh soldier killed in Iraq has urged Blair to stay away from a rememberance service at St. Paul’s. Characteristically, Downing Street are saying he will still attend, saying the nation would expect him to lead the country in its prayers for those who died and served in the conflict.

Doesn’t this betray a basic principle of public events – if people don’t want you there, then you shouldn’t go? If someone blamed me for the death of their son, then for me to muscle in on a rememberance service to pay my “respects” would hardly be the most respectful thing to do!


  • One guy's father doesn't want him there, therefore he should not pay respects to the other 10 soldiers? Hmm ok. Kind of like France's one vote invalidating 39 others… I see a pattern here.

    Your site is a crackup, count me a regular now. Is it meant to be so knee slapping hilarious?

  • Barry the fox

    Rick – you should try working with him. It's like watching a slow motion car crash, every day.

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