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Kill! Bill! Music! Fab!

Kill! Bill! Music! Fab!

I’ve finally figured out what the fantastic bass-guitar-brass tune that just *fits* alongside the Kill Bill trailer is … “Battle without honour and humanity” by a Japanese rock-guitarist called Hotei Tomoyasu. It’s 5.38am, I’m supposed to go to bed but I can’t resist playing it one more time, and bobbing my head along to it like it’s some disco tune. The air guitar solo can only come soon.

So far this limited movie summer, I’ve been disappointed by the films I’ve looked forward to, and surprised by the movies I wasnt’ expecting much from. I really really hope Kill Bill bucks that trend – it’d be rather appropriate for me approaching my 30th year to be as pathetically excited over a Tarantino movie as I was when I was 20.

Can someone who likes Japanese music tell me if the rest of his stuff has the same fantastic groove, or is this a happy one-off?

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  • Nineve

    It is really fabulous, I am tracking down Hotei's cds now, but they seem to be quite expensive. The titles of his cds are great too: Vampire, Fetish,.. I will go for the Greatest Hits, though, probably a good starter. But "Battle without Honor or humanity" is too good to have been created by a human. Abso-lov-it.

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