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Speed-dating – the results so far…

Speed-dating – the results so far… has accused me of finding my speed-dating experience a piece of cake. Well, for me, it certainly beats trying to make yourself heard to a total stranger in a loud bar – at least in a speed-dating bar, you know that the woman you’re talking to will at least be vaguely interested in dating. And of course, the three-minute time limit means there’s no real awkward way of trying to end it if the woman doesn’t like you or vice-versa.

Ironically, the masses also mean that it’s less likely you’ll get turned down flat, since everyone is in the same boat. Although if twenty women turn you down flat, you’ve got some serious rejection issues to contend with. On the other hand, I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was the best experience of my life either.

The brutal reality is that of the 20-odd women there, I got 10 of them saying they’d want to be “friends” with me, and one “hit” – ie she’d like to date me – while my flatmate got 3 friends and one hit. Alas, both our hits were from the same Caerphilly woman – and while I did quite fancy her on an utterly superficial level, she hasn’t replied back to the email. Nor have 8 others.

Of the ones who have replied, there was the Minnie-Driver/films lookalike, who suggested that when she got back from her hols, we could go see a film. Which sounds good. as long as it’s not Cabin Fever – even if director Elin Roth mischeivously said something along the lines of “anyone who sees Cabin Fever is guaranteed to get laid”…

The other one who replied back was one of the French ladies – and talking on IM, it turns out that one of the other women who ticked me as a “Friend” has since been going out with one of the speed-dating guys. Unfortunately (for me) – and being very judgemental – it was a bald guy with huge ears, and someone I thought wouldn’t stand a chance in an environment like that. But there he is, dating …

Still, I might just meet one or two of them soon. And new friends are usually handy. Unless you really fancy them.

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  • Cathy

    So we found you!!!!!!!

    Sorry we haven't been in touch for a while mate, but we have been busy bees-not with men, don't fret!!!! Just life!!!!
    We're having a New year party, so you can come and join us…..

    Cool site actually, must say… We'll have a better look another time though, as we're having dinner with Alan….Yes, he was at the Speed dating experience too!!!!!!

    Take care,

    Cathy and Nadia

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