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Really weird comments on my blog..

Really weird comments on my blog..

This blog has now been going for four months, and it suddenly appears to have attracted more than its’ fair share of weird comments, including
an appeal to investigate someone’s murder via flashmob. This has to be a joke, surely? Although I do remember an excellent moment in Ben Elton‘s Stark when the heroes, despairing of not having their environmental message heard, resort to putting small ads in newsagent windows. Then again, as more and more countries pull out of Kyoto, I have to wonder…

Anyway (ahem) back to the main point. Also lots of one-line nonsensical comments to old postings that end up linking to commercial sites here, here, here, and here.

The question is, should I let these nonsensical comments stand and just accept the pathetic attempts to spam my blog and get maybe one extra sale – or delete them and try to put in more barriers? Decisions, decisions…

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