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Lost in mid-Wales, and lesbian stalkers…

Lost in mid-Wales, and lesbian stalkers…

This weekend was mostly uninteresting, aside from Friday night.

I’d made plans to head home to keep my dear mother company this weekend, and hired a car. Then find out H will be in Aberystwyth seeing a “close friend” (is probably the best euphemism I can think of), so I decide to head up there, aiming to be in Aberystwyth by 9pm. Leave at 7pm, should give me plenty of time.

So I head down the M4, stopping off for a double shot espresso because I have the attention span of a gnat addicted to MTV. Head up via Ammanford (after circling a roundabout twice), and only realise I’m lost when I go through a town, don’t recognise it and suddenly find myself on the A40 heading towards Brecon — ie, the OTHER way.

So I eventually arrive at Aberystwyth at around 11pm. And here comes problem no.2 – trying to reach someone who’s in a crowded loud pub. Just when I give up hope and have started leaving Aberystwyth, she finally checks her mobile and after a bit of deft manouevuring (ie pissing off half of Aberystwyth with my 9-point turn) I’m at the pub. And slightly back in the hell of everyone else merry and drunk while I’m stone-cold sober.

But it’s good to see H again, and she looks happy with her new friend for a while. So I’m drinking Cokes and generally genially chatting, and end up chatting to who I assume is someone’s mutual friend.

She’s cute, and acts like she’s interested in what I have to say, which is a huge bonus. She asks me questions, flatters me about my babeliciousness, asks why I keep hanging around lesbians (because I like intelligent and attractive women of any creed or whatever, is the short answer) and says there are plenty of women in her home town who’d be interested. Before I know it, I’m joking “here’s my number, call me” (must STOP using my business card for those purposes), and she’s gone, but promising to call me with details of a really handy shortcut across mid-Wales.

So while I’m a little giddy and not believing my luck – two reasonable “dating” experiences in one week, when I haven’t had one for two years ?! – when H leans over, and points out that the woman concerned, is in fact her lesbian stalker who just won’t leave her alone.

The evening suddenly takes a spiral downward from there, with H asking if she can go home with me and stay at my mum’s tonight. My mum, never taking kindly to strangers, bitterly complains, says I should have been home hours ago, and says No and so H decides to drive home. Which is two hours away. Ouch.


  • H did no such thing as to ask “close friend” as in GIRLFRIEND to “keep it down” in canteen. H would happily have snogged g/f over the counter had she desired it! H is still annoyed at g/f’s lack of gig snoggage. Mutual respect maybe! Agreement? Never! LOL. OK, maybe someday about something.

  • statistician

    Aberystwyth. Great town. Easy to find. Consider getting lift with stalker next time and bypass Brecon completely. Its not on the way!.

  • close friend

    H actually came back with 'close friend' because close friend forced her to after H tried having a tantrum and dramatic showdown over close friend's refusal to kiss her. Close friend was working at the time. H can now understand this after close friend flirting outrageously with her in BBC canteen causing H to blush and promptly ask close friend to 'keep it down'.
    We have now reached a blissful state of mutual respect over the matter. I.e H pouts, close friend shouts. thanks you xxx

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