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Restore your faith in The Matrix

Restore your faith in The Matrix

It’s not as if The Matrix: Revolutions needs any of my help for publicity, but the trailer has again reawakend my interest in the film. Some amazingly cool visual effects – and a last stand is always amazingly cinematic… Go and see!


  • What – like we haven't seen it all before anyway? The Matrix sucks.

  • Steve

    Not really looking forward to the third installment of the Matrix series. The first one was amazing, new and fresh, birlliantly done in every way imaginable. But then came Reloaded, overdone, to much CGI that was noticable to the human eye (unlike in part one where you really couldn't tell what was CGI and what not), lame plot and character development (it just missed the brains of part one in every way). I've seen the preview for Revolutions, and the CGI is still as bad as in Reloaded. Instead of making both movies at once, they should have taken more time for EACH movie, in order to achive what part one did.

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