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The tarnishing of Julee Cruise…

The tarnishing of Julee Cruise…

Remember Julee Cruise? Her haunting vocals over the Twin Peaks soundtrack? She was brilliant.

And now she’s tarnished, at least in my eyes. On her new blog she posts movingly about American troops shooting dead a tiger in an Iraqi zoo. Doesn’t bother with mourning innocent civillians/policemen in Iraq shot by trigger-happy US troops, and she displays a shocking (IMHO) attitude, to whit: ” to show the World, DON’T FUCK WITH US OR WE WILL DO IT TO YOU!”. Which is the global village equivalent of saying “Well, someone hit me once. Hit me hard. So I’m going to bring my machine gun into school tomorrow and shoot anyone who looks at me in a funny way. Or the person I last had a fight with ten years ago.” – one shouldn’t necessarily lead to the other. Aside from anything else, Saddam Hussein and Oasma hated each other pre-Gulf War II.

*sigh* I guess expecting our favourite singers and childhood heroes to have our relatively mature international outlook is just asking too much.


  • Saturn

    Andrew -I think you need to re-read that post. I think you may have spectacularly mis-read Julee's comments. She certainly sounds confused, but it looks to me like the point she was trying to make was that the atypical 'gung-ho' attitude of US troops (and the US administration, maybe) has now seen an innocent animal killed – with no mourning akin to what you'd see if a soldier or innocent bystander was the one shot. I'd bet a large sum of cash you've caught the wrong boat here.

  • Carlee Ziemann

    Yeah, Andrew, your reading comprehension skills are out of whack. But you can't do math either if you think the loss of lives in Iraq has been tremendous compared to other similar conflicts. Iraq has been a relatively bloodless war compared to, say, Vietnam, but you seem to be repeating only one side's arguments. Why not check the other side and form your own opinion?

  • Bryan

    I can commend your concerns for the many people who have lost their lives. It's a sad, sad world we live in. But let's think about how sad it is that people slaughter innocent animals for sport, for product testing, for the clothes YOU wear, and even the shoes you put on your feet.(and let's not forget the food you eat as well)What a wonderful world it is that you live in when alot of things you use on a daily basis come from the slaughter of defenseless animals. Wow, I guess because they don't have a voice you can hear. I guess for you it makes their cries less audible…well no matter how it's spun, it's still a tragedy…no one should have to suffer to make life better another person,(be it animals OR humans) and it's sad that this is the state of the world in which we live, but how dare you come down on someone just because they have a belief that doesn't agree with yours. If anything it shows your own ignorance on that level, a closed mind, and a sad lonely person. You can say anything you want about me, Julee, or anyone for that matter. We don't really care because when it all boils down, you don't matter.You just really don't matter. We got on fine without you, and trust we will rejoyce long after you as well. I hesitated to say anything, but I decided to speak up for the animals YOU CAN'T HEAR, their cries when the are beaten to death, injected with chemicals, and shot just because…for them I speak, for them I cry, and for you I am truely sorry….Wonder how you'd feel if someone decided to shoot you 'just because' or inject you with life threatening chemicals, or perhaps skin you for profit? My guess is you'd not like that..and I wonder if anyone would hear your cries, or would they even care? I've wasted enough of my time telling you this…so please go back to wherever it is that you came from, crawl back under your rock and just fester.

  • Sam Schnell

    Wow, did you just find out about the war yesterday? Because you are sadly misinformed. Its ok to oppose the war if you have all the facts, but if you don't have a clue, I'd probably keep my mouth shut if I were you.

    And slamming Cruise when you don't really know what you're talking about is a pretty ignorant move.

    FYI the war was initially about enforcing a UN resolution, and a second UN resolution, unanimously approved, calling for regime change in Iraq if Saddam refused to fully and completely comply with the first resolution. He did not. The UN chickened out (like always) and Bush was forced to pile excuses on top of excuses to go to war. That you didn't like one of his 20 doesn't invalidate the war. Or did you not know what the initial reason for moving in on Iraq was?

    Ask yourself this: why did the UK, Spain, Austrailia, SAUDI ARABIA AND TURKEY (for God's sake!) AND 39 other nations back us up during the campaign? Oh, I see, no one told you that. Well, it's true, and while we took on the majority of cost in terms of soldiers lost and dollars spent, while so-called 'super powers' like France sat on their hands, we single-handedly saved the UN from absolute and permanent irrelevance.

    Do you have newspapers where you live? It should all be in there, just gotta look.

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