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Oi! Sophie Ellis-Bextor! NO!

Oi! Sophie Ellis-Bextor! NO!

You’ve forged a career as a foxy gorgeous sophisticated singer, and one of the most English-sounding cool pop tunes in the shape of Murder On The Dance Floor.

Do NOT throw it away by
a. going blonde
b. on first listen, a rather dull song called Mixed Up World.

What’s the point in going blonde? Especially when you still do the green eye-liner thing?


  • Cailleach

    What's wrong with blondes? I was a blonde for about 20 years… but then I got sick of it… it's definitely not all it's cracked up to be. Anyway now I'm a brunette/redhead, which works for me.

  • josef k

    I think she looks OK. Anyway, the point here is that she's come back with a duff new single, surely? Nowt wrong with blondes. Blondie will be back in the charts soon enough!

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