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Worst film of all time?

Worst film of all time?

In an attempt to drum up some publicity, Film 2003 and Jonathan Ross are looking for the worst film of all time.

There have been some interesting choices – Jonathan Ross nominates First Knight – which isn’t that bad, just misguided and Battlefield: Earth – which is just a mindless sci-fi epic that wants to be worthy but isn’t.

I do agree that Very Bad Things is just very very bad indeed – although my mate I went to see it loved it. And I’m usually into my black comedy.

Joe has some interesting choices. Groundhog Day – which I thought was a good comedy – for one. And although Wolf was terrible, not the worst film of all time.

That honour belongs to Gregg Araki’s Nowhere. One of the most self-indulgent Californian-excesses films of all time. Aptly described as Beverley Hills 90210 on acid – which is a good way of describing what a shit film this was. And just when it was getting or going somewhere, the film ended.

One of the worst things about it was that I’d gone with a woman I fancied, and some of her friends. And it was playing at the ICA, so I thought it’d be experimental, arty and cool. It wasn’t. Araki might as well have done a XX version of Beverley Hills 90210. And after we all came out of the cinema, Bad-Taste-In-Films-Woman said “Isn’t that like just the best film we’ve ever seen?” — and nobody agreed with her. At all.


  • I bloody LOVED that film! I've got it on tape and have watched it loads of times. I wish they'd bring it out on DVD. I think it's iconic!

  • The Matrix Reloaded? I thought Plan 9 was officially the worst film ever (personally, I love bad films and the mighty 9 is no exception…) – Will this turn out to be another of those pointless Empire-like top hundreds which are more pointless than Mr Pointless at the 5th Wheel outlet on a bank holiday??? I expect so.

    Ohhhhh. Did you see you have a celebrity comment too? 😉

  • Saturn

    The worst film ever made is 'End of Days' closely followed by Sliver, Body of Evidence and Father of the Bride 2.

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