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This man made me redundant in 1997

This man made me redundant in 1997

And for that reason alone, I will totally boycott his new non-revolutionary DVD-renting venture as described on Brand Republic – especially when lots of other places like offer the same thing at a cheaper price. Me, bear a grudge? Never ….

The manner of my redundancy was terrible in itself. I turn up to work one morning as usual, getting ready to do my usual mix of erotica/science-fiction book reviewing, HTML and SQL database programming (I was kinda doing everything at Bookpages!), and am literally pelted all day with frantic last-minute requests for graphics, bits of code etc. that just HAVE to be done today. Which is a tad unusual, even in the then-fast-paced world of new media in Gerrards’ Cross. Then at 4pm, I’m asked to go to head office, where I’m solemnly given a cheque and told to pack up. Swine.

Still, it got me to where I am today. And taught me never to be dispensable. 😛

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  • Hmmm – were doing that a long while back – I've been with them over a year and I'm sure thet were around a long time before that… He has undercut them though, but I have heard bad things about movietrak so i will avoid.

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