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Never hold back on fancying someone…

Never hold back on fancying someone…

There was this gorgeous redhead at work I fancied/ had the hots for, for about a year. No idea what she was actually like as a person, although that was mostly because every time I was near her I’d do a perfect impression of a stumbling idiotic buffoon (as opposed to my usual imperfect one). Plus, whenever we did try to talk, it was a tad difficult to find a mutual topic of interest outside of work, not being able to think around her. She was way above my league – if it was between her and Nicole Kidman, it’d be Redhead Girl anytime.

Anyway, she’s apparently just moved to Leeds. Doh! Should have struck (or at least emailed her) while the iron was within striking distance!

And in a lesson on workplace gossip and subtlety, a couple of workplace friends have IM’ed me with this delightful piece of news. And telling me that I should essentially email her and say “Now you’re moving to Leeds, I can tell you that I really fancy you, and how about a drink sometime”? 😛 Hrm… What do you think?


  • The thing is, if you'd known earlier she was going to move to Leeds (a splendid city, I might add – the place of my birth)would that have made any difference to your gibbering idiocy in her presence? Are you in fact saying that by approaching her now, you have nothing to lose as she's going to be 250 miles away so you may as well say something? Why? Are you asking for rejection, by saying "I can mention it now cos it doesn't matter"? What would you actually do if she showed any interest? What exactly is the point?

  • Asking her out for a drink is a fabulous idea. Who cares about long term prospects? I think it could be an interesting experience…

  • Are you a virgin? You certainly write like one. GYAC: girls like being spoken to – it's really not that hard. She's only out of your league if you can't be interesting and/or entertaining enough for her. Or if she already has a boyfriend.

  • I'm not that bad – most of the time I'm fine talking to people of all sorts. Even women I fancy.

    But surely I can't be the only one who gets tongue-tied when talking to the total godesses of the world? Surely?


  • Put us out of our misery – Is it **name censored** ? 😀

  • go for it.
    you only live once.
    awkwardeness is beauty full.

    stillness and fear is DULL

  • Nice blog, just wanted to say I found you through Google

  • this comment was left ages ago:L

    its now 2008

    what happened?


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