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Bloody bureaucratic NHS…

Bloody bureaucratic NHS…

I don’t believe it. I need to get a blood test done to prove to various Governments that I don’t have horrible diseases of any kind. And the bloody loops that I have to go through to get this done.

The “drop-in” clinic doesn’t do as advertised in Wales. In London, it was drop-in and do-the-test – granted, I had to wait 3 hours, but that’s fair enough. Here, I get an appointment to come back in bloody NOVEMBER!!!

My local GP requires a consultation before he/she can even *think* about giving me the ruddy test. I mean, what’s there to consult? We have websites, we can research this sort of thing! Bloody NHS, treating us all like a bunch of inept imbeciles when all we want is for you to take our blood, do the test and then tell us! And fine, if I have a weird combination of ebola, AIDS and stomach cancer, then I’ll take all the counselling you can give me – but until then, TREAT ME LIKE AN ADULT!

Next thing, I’ll have to be hospitalised for stress 😉


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