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What part of London does Britney Spears live in ?!

What part of London does Britney Spears live in ?!

Apparently, Britney Spears is considering a move to London because “I just like the way they treasure everything. The milkman still comes to the door. Everything is very simply done.”.

Aside from the hideous pretension in this statement of Londoners being a bunch of simple yokels – I lived in London for five years. I never had milk delivered once. I don’t think anyone does it any more!

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  • olivia brady

    HI Britney, I loved your new video. [ toxic ]. I think it would be the kind of video I would do because I am sort of a tom boy and I do Karate. exept for the kissing. I have been trying to get your address but I can't find it anywhere! If you do move to london and you come to Stafford try and pop in to barnfields primary school. I would really like to meet you and so would my sister. WE hope we do someday!
    P.s WE love your danceing

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