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What the hell is up with Madonna?

What the hell is up with Madonna?

Madonna. Multi-million-selling recording artiste and general pop icon, if terrible at acting. You’d think that doing great records at 40 would be enough for her.

So what the hell is she up to? First she does a terrible advert for The Gap, doing a bootleggy version of Into The Groove with Missy Elliot. I also assume Missy has taken leave of her senses, but maybe she needs the money or something.

Then Madonna Smooches With Britney And Christina at the MTV Music Video Awards. It doesn’t look like a spur-of-the-moment snogette, but more something carefully planned to get into the papers for publicity.

Aside from the fact that women kissing women isn’t (or shouldn’t) be the huge headline-dominating thing that it is (women kissing is *so* 2001), why is Madonna on a publicity campaign? Has she got a new album out? Does she need the money? What’s going on?


  • i was kinda wondering the same thing actually. only thing i can figure out is she is afraid she's finally starting to slip into obscurity what with all the new 18 yr old hoochie singers out, out-slutting her. dunno.

  • gorky5

    The last album (er… racks brain… reaches for soy latte… American Life! That's it!) sold next to nothing by all accounts. In the week of release it bombed (first week sales being hyperimportant to chart-hungry record execs), and Madonna did a spate of in-store appearances and was on any show that would have her. Hardly the mark of someone who is comfortable in her megastar status. And why does she pronounce Hollywood as 'hallywood'?

    Still, all said, I'd gladly dance like a pansy in an advert for $3m.

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