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When ping doesn't get you much pong

When ping doesn't get you much pong

Yahoo! Ping Pong-23

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(In other words, great, you got sponsorship, where’s the return?)

Across London, ping pong tables have sprouted up to encourage Londoners to have a go at ping pong/whiff whaff. All nicely decorated with the various sponsors’ logos, including Yahoo!

Accompanying these tables are some leaflets about the Ping London project, which also – of course – encourage you to share your participation, by using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or maybe even Flickr

Note that of those four websites, only one belongs to Yahoo – one of the main sponsors.

Surely a major dotcom company, upon committing some sponsorship money to a project, would want their websites or services to be promoted – perhaps Buzz or Pulse – alongside the rest of the web offerings?


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    hang your web-geek head in shame, Andrew.

    Yahoo own Flickr, and have done for years.

    so, they've basically listed two of their sites / services, plus the two they couldn't NOT mention…


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    doh. i should learn to read when drunk.

    as you were.


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    regardless, they're not stupid, and would be seriously wasting their money trying to push services few people know or care about and trying to ignore what everyone is actually using at the moment.

    see this week's "death" of Google Wave, as a case in point.

    good idea / potential, badly executed = died on its arse

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