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Woo-hoo! Music comes to Cardiff…

Woo-hoo! Music comes to Cardiff…

Last night, as the rain pelted down on Cardiff and I couldn’t see Mars hovering over Earth, I was thinking “Oh boy, it’s the rainy season again”.

Then this morning I awoke to find that the saviours of fantabulous Radio One FM are bringing their One Big Weekend extravaganza to Cardiff. And which lucky artists do we get?

Kosheen – great band, although I didn’t particularly like the first single off their second album. Still, the band I’m most looking forward to seeing. If I go of course.

The Darkness – I’ve only seen the outrageously campy 1970s-esquie rock video of theirs, but they rock. Dude.

Dido – ech. Personal reasons for hating her music, so I’ll have to wear earplugs or go away and do something when she comes on.

Pink – Yeah, Pink. Still can’t decide whether she is an “independent woman” or a very craftily-packaged Pop Idol-esque commercial entity.

Travis – well, that’ll get the yoof of Cardiff stomping in the aisles.

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