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Yes, reader…

Yes, reader…

I just got married to HyperHam, the most wonderful woman in the world. And I couldn’t be happier. Woot!


  • Luke S


  • Wow! Did you write this before or after the photos? (I'm at the reception)

  • What the!!!!! Why didn't you say! Congratulations mate, Really chuffed for you. Where are the pictures??

  • Where did you get married then? Really happy for both of you, congratulations!

  • Venus Speedwell

    Andrew, I had a wonderful day, despite the 'wobbly bit' at the end when Karen and Neil were ordered take me out but, thankfully, not shoot me. You are both absolutely perfect for one another and I was really pleased to be there and witness you getting hitched. Terrific venue, great views (I managed to get a decent shot of St Paul's by night, without using a tripod.) and the most amazing people. Big "THANKS" to you both.

  • Automatic timed publishing is your friend in this instance, although it's a bit of a gamble. What if the bride doesn't show up ?!

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