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How difficult can it be to hire a suit?

How difficult can it be to hire a suit?

So, the time has come to try and hire a posh suit. I can’t be the only male who has to hire a posh suit and yet hates the entire experience of shopping for clothes – so you’d have thought the male tailors would have tried to make it as easy as possible. But oh no.

Thus to Suits You Westfield. Which is a total nightmare of a shop.

  • The first time I popped in, the sales guy kept trying to get me to hire a package for the exorbitant cost of £100. And then when I refused to do so, he put the order on hold so that I could “think about it and come back tomorrow”. He said he wouldn’t be there but he assured me that someone else would be.
  • I popped in the next day. A very disgruntled and pissed-off salesperson eventually deigned to try and recreate my order, but gave up with their insanely slow systems after 20 minutes, and asked me to “come back tomorrow”.
  • The next day, neither of the salespeople I had dealt with were there, and instead there was one guy there – a right geezer of a salesman – who literally said “We can’t help you”. I asked why, and he said the store was closing down in two weeks. Strange I don’t see any sign of a Closing Down sale…

Thus, I went into another department store – and they had the opposite problem in being understaffed – thus, every time I try to pop in, the staff are rushed off their feet dealing with other customers. I’ve tried to pop in at three lunchtimes and not had much success – the one time I actually did manage to get measured, I had to wear something that was 4 sizes too small – just to see how it would look – and then realised they didn’t have the lilac waistcoat I wanted.

Online was no help – despite the website claiming they could supply a suit by the desired date, when I called them it turned out they couldn’t. And I’m still waiting to hear from another website.

That’s not even getting into the outrageous cost of hiring a suit – and everyone seems to charge the same prices. If that isn’t something that deserves a complaint to the Monopoly Commission, I don’t know what does.


  • So you went to two shops. One was crap, another was busy. Perhaps you should have cast your net a little wider – you live in London, for heaven's sake.

  • I'm a busy man, I don't have time to cast my net hugely widely for suits!

    Besides, aside from Suits You and Debenhams, who else does retail suit hire? And I even tried two online places!

  • kristina

    Had a thought- is there a BIG Korea/Hong Kong/China town like here in SanFran near you? If so, you can probably get a suit made to measure for the cost of hiring one. SRSLY!

    (my late hub did it all the time)

  • Alas, no. 🙁

  • Ian Fenn

    You went to TWO shops? And both you should have walked out of the moment you started having trouble? Dude, go to Oxford Street or similar. Start at one end and only stop when you find someone willing to help. Blimey.

  • <blockquote cite="#comment-body-17352">
    Andrew :

    I’m a busy man, I don’t have time to cast my net hugely widely for suits!
    Besides, aside from Suits You and Debenhams, who else does retail suit hire? And I even tried two online places!

    Who else does suit hire? Well a quick <a href="; rel="nofollow">Google search reveals quite a few options. I'm not sure who I used when I got married, but it was a high street place – possibly Moss Bros. There are loads around and they should have plenty of stock at this time of year, but I wouldn't bother with a website – go to a shop and see it up close, try it on and make sure you're happy before parting with your cash.

    I'm still perplexed that you tried to give Suits You your money three times. Why did you return to recreate your order, having already decided they were trying to rip you off?

    Listen, buying (or hiring) anything is easy. Have a clear idea of what you want, go to somewhere that stocks it and ask for it. Ignore all sales assistants' attempts to persuade you that something else is better. Pay. Leave.

  • What sort of suit do you want? A formal morning suit (grey waistcoat, cravat, silk waistcoat, matt tailcoat)? Then you'll pay more because those suits come with "wedding" implicitly in the description ("wedding" or "ascot").

    If you don't want the penguin suit, buy an off-the-peg unfussy charcoal number from a decent label (eg Ted Baker Endurance range). It'll stay in style for several years and is suitable for weddings, funerals, posh work events. That works out cheaper over 5 years than hiring a suit 5 times.

  • Sorry, the penguin suit has grey pinstripe TROUSERS…

  • Jennifer Gann

    You are too funny… Such a busy man, but not too busy to post about this issue NINE times on Facebook. NINE. I counted. And I included the one about the cost of the handkerchief. Because I am busy, but not too busy to mock… Weddings can certainly take a bite, sounds like you may have waited a bit to get this sorted out… Good luck! Or wear something else!

  • @Jennifer – it's a lot easier to grouch than to do something about it 😉

  • Donna Davies

    Andrew You should live in Wales Ty had NOOOOO problems whatsoever getting Him Ry and His brother Age sorted sorry to rub it in hahahaha

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