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The Big Bang – spoilers!

The Big Bang – spoilers!

So… spoilers and my broken incoherent thoughts for the superlative and rather emotional The Big Bang – don’t read if you haven’t seen it!

Ok, nit-picking out of the way:

  • It’s often said that for two-parter episodes, the first part is much better than the second, simply because the second part has to wrap up all the loose strings. While this is certainly much better than most two-parters, it’s still lacking a little something…
  • Like the Pandorica. So, an entire Alliance of Doctor Who villians spend ages conspiring to create a box that the Doctor can’t escape from. Not only that, they put in a “Restoration Field” to ensure that whatever’s in there, stays alive? Why not just kill him?
  • Never mind that in the previous episode, the Doctor & River Song spend 30 minutes trying to figure out how to open it. Then Auton-Rory waves it open by pressing a sonic screwdriver, and 1800+ years later a Scottish 9-year-old girl opens it?

But otherwise, a fantastic episode in its own right, where the Doctor literally kick-starts the universe.

I love how Doctor Who has graduated from season arcs to multi-season arcs in one fell swoop. Let’s just hope there is an ending and a wrap-up at some point.

In the fandom stakes, I think Moffatt beats RTD for sheer fan-geek-ness. A fandom theory (the Jacket!Doctor) becomes true ?!

Also, it seems ironic that just when I decide on not hiring a morning suit for the wedding (the suit cartels at Suits You are evil evil evil!) the Doctor wears one to Amy’s wedding.

Now to figure out how to get something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.


  • Nitpicky comment: he doesn't wear a morning suit, he wears bowtie and tails. V different!

    I assumed the Pandorica has some kind of biometric lock: it unlocks for the Doctor because it's primed to by the Alliance of Evil, then does the same for Amy. Maybe it works for Rory because he's plastic Rory?

  • Steve Morris

    No. The Dr and River did not spend the whole of The Pandorica Opens trying to open the Pandorica. In fact, the Dr specifically says that he could easily open the Pandorica, but he did not want to because he did not know what was inside.

    There is a second thought that the Pandorica was made out of Darlek material, so the Dr made sure that the Sonic contained his DNA before giving it to Rory. Similarlly, this is why it would open for Amilia.

    As to your second point, how many times have his enemys tried to kill him? Maybe they thought that if they killed him he would just regenerate again. To safely lock him away might be the logical course to them.

    I think the real question is who let the Dr out so that he could travel back in time to give the screwdriver to Rory? Perhaps over the course of 2000 years he had been able to unlock it?

    On the whole, fabulous episode, well written and executed, with far fewer plot holes than I anticipated.

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