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The Pandorica Opens… SPOILERS!!!

The Pandorica Opens… SPOILERS!!!

Spoilers ahead, if you haven’t seen the frankly epic fantabulous episode that was The Pandorica Opens

OMG. OMG. OMG. Brain still can’t process anything more than incoherent thoughts just yet:

– Best opening ever. Characters from previous episodes leading everyone on a merry goosechase. Although how did River Song from the 51st Century end up meeting Queen Liz 10 when Liz 10 is supposed to be in the 29th Century, on the back of a giant space when the sun has fried Earth to a golden crisp? (which is what may happen in 2013!)

– How can it be the oldest cliff-face in the universe?

– The Cyberman. Very manga. As if they weren’t manga enough… Although wouldn’t it have been fab (and more logical!) if the Cyberdart contained nano-probes that would make Amy want to be a Cyberman?

– Stonehenge surrounded by spaceships. Every 1970s prog-rock album cover come true.

– The big alliance. Why would locking the Doctor up stop the cracks in time from happening?

– What are the Silurians doing there? They’ve been buried under the Earth for millions of years. They don’t have spaceships or time travel technology. How would they been involved?

– When would the Autons (or anyone else) have been able to download Amy’s memories? It must have been after episode 9…

– It was River Song who lured the Doctor to Stonehenge. So why use Amy?

– In River Song’s timeline, it’s after she killed someone and was sent to prison. So who *did* she kill?

– Rory coming back. That gave a shriek of glee from HyperHam.

– So Amy’s dead. Bizarrely, this had pretty zero effect on me and HyperHam. Whereas we were bawling at The End of Time and when Donna lost her memories. Why would that be?

– The Doctor being imprisoned – a fantastically brilliant twist. But somehow, that didn’t seem to mean as much as it should do. Like when Doctor Eleven shouted to the ships above – seems like someone’s impersonating a Doctor rather than being the Doctor.

– Surely this episode should have ended with the TARDIS blowing up as well? That’s the money-shot we all want to see…

– Although the final shot, with the Earth all alone among a bunch of exploding galaxies… is this the darkness coming that was foreshadowed at the end of season 4?

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