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Can psychics see things coming?

Can psychics see things coming?

So psychic Derek Acorah’s had to cancel a few concerts at short notice. The pun writes itself. Which hasn’t stopped me in the past.

When I was flat-hunting in Cardiff, I saw an ad with a flat to rent above a psychic’s shop. So I called the number, and ended up speaking to the psychic’s son, who said that she’d fallen in a serious accident and was now in hospital.

I could see the joke coming towards me – and insensitive as it was – I just couldn’t escape the full-on headlights of the joke as it hurtled towards me.

And inevitably I uttered: “Sorry to hear that – did she see it coming?”

Surprisingly, the son carried on talking to me, and invited me round to see the flat. Although I shouldn’t have bothered. When there’s weird splatterings on the wall and floor covered with gay pornography, it’s not exactly a selling point for the flat.

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