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How Tywyn thwarts Google Street View…

How Tywyn thwarts Google Street View…

Google Street View has thrillingly – and rather scarily – managed to scan 95% of the homes in the UK. Which means that most of my childhood haunts are finally on Google Maps for an easy trip down nostalgia street.

However, when I try to go down this street in Tywyn and then move forward, I am magically transported through some mysterious blurred tunnel to another place in time and space. Also known as the back alley. Then I’m transported back.

Such a shame I can’t seem to find a way to tell Google how to correct their mistake. Unless there is a teleportation tunnel operating in Tywyn these days…

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  • LJ's Offensive Mango has just pointed me towards your post because I blogged much the same thing this morning about my parents' street in Exeter:

    went to have a look at my parents' house in Exeter too. I'm not sure how long Exeter has been live – possibly it has come online at the same time as Brighton and the several other towns which 'launched' today. It turns out there is a strange blip on my folks' road. You start at the top and within a few houses you pass my childhood home. There it is with my mum's bike parked out front. Then all of a sudden, you are in the alley down the back of their houses, where all the garages and back gates are. Carry on, and you'll be returned to the street.

    (You can see it on EX4 4NR)

    It is nice of you to think of telling them: that hadn't occured to me, which makes me feel less public-spirited.

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