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What's the point in going to the gym?

What's the point in going to the gym?

For the last two weeks, I’ve been cycling to work almost every weekday, and then cycling to the gym almost every weekday for 20 mins on the cross-trainer and a selection of those weight machines. Then cycling home. Even eating breakfast every morning. (Although it makes me hungrier at lunchtime – and going to the gym makes me ravenous at the end of the day!) And today is the end result.

My body aches in a fair few places that it didn’t ache in before – but the scales haven’t budged an inch. I did feel a bit healthier for a while but that’s not exactly the end result I want. My boss has lovingly commented that I look “sleeker” but that’s probably because she’s seen me changing into my gym gear and concluded I’m going to the gym.

The end result – as far as I can tell – is that I ache more. Might be slightly easier to get into my trousers, my arms look a little more muscly and my shoulders are a little better defined but that doesn’t seem to be worth the effort! Oh, and my alcohol tolerance has gone through the floor – but it was never that high to begin with…

Well, I’m off to my parents this weekend so I’ll have to see if they notice any difference.

Any tips?

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  • Anonamie

    Hey Drewberg,
    Here's a couple tips… make sure you're drinking tons of water because it flushes out your system. Also, eat a light and healthy dinner as early as possible, because your body has a harder time digesting food while you're asleep. So eat an early healthy dinner.

    (Also… dress in dark colors, they're slimming, and verticle stripes… :oP )

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