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Oh no! They killed (EastEnders)! You swines!

Oh no! They killed (EastEnders)! You swines!

About six months ago, when Torchwood: Children of Earth killed off a key character, it created a bit of a mini-dramastorm.

Fast-forward to tonight, and I ended up watching the live episode of EastEnders. Bear in mind I haven’t watched an episode of EastEnders since 2006, during my Year of Hell (the Evil Ex loved watching any soap opera) Within ten minutes, I was hooked again, against my will.

Spoilers lie deep within…

During that time, I watched enough of it to follow the whole Stacey/Bradley saga. and y’know, the character was ridiculously easy for me to emphasise with – I mean, he was a slightly nerdy Doctor Who fan who kept doing the right thing even while everyone else was throwing shit around him.

and now they’ve killed Bradley. You swines!

This is possibly why I don’t watch narrative drama any more – I do get ridiculously sucked into drama, once I get into that initial hook. And once I’m in, I’m hooked. But now I’m living with an actress who loves narrative drama – staying away could be tricky…

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