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I am a web octopus

I am a web octopus

Web OctopusAccording to the BBC’s Lab UK‘s Web Behaviour Test, I’m a Web Octopus – fast-moving, solitary and adaptable.

It’s a fascinating test to see how the web has changed my brain – but it’d also be fascinating to run the test again when I was at home, in a more relaxed environment, and not under (my own) pressure to do the test quickly so I could get on with the rest of the day’s tasks…

But I do have a quibble with their defining of my web characteristics as “solitary” because I don’t choose social networking sites as an authoritative area of content. With the search topics they gave – relatively serious things on health and diet – I wouldn’t trust a social networking site to give me that information any more than I’d trust my friends. I might ask them for anecdotal evidence in conversation, but if I’m searching for something, then at that point I want considered content. If I wanted an opinion on Lady GaGa’s show, then I’m more inclined to ask around social networking websites.

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