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Flatmate hunting?

Flatmate hunting? helps you to find your perfect flatmate, apparently. can’t help thinking that this, like dating agencies, are fundamentally flawed in that people will only present their good side. No-one is going to honestly say that “Yes, I let the washing-up go occasionaly”, or “Yes, sometimes I steal someone else’s milk”.

However, given the flatmate horror stories from friends of mine – like a tenant who’d trash all the frozen food and scream at my friend’s friends or a couple who’d frequently shout and scream at each other while using knives – I suppose it can’t hurt.

However, the people it needs to help the most – students and young people – may well be put off by the £18 fee. Maybe it should be done by the Government…


  • Pft! Perfect flatmates are like aliens – I'm sure they exist (and sometimes wonder if I might be one) but have you ever seen one?

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