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Heil Schwarzaneggar…

Heil Schwarzaneggar…

I know it’s the easiest thing in the world to make fun of Arnie running just because he has a German accent. But watch his campaign video! The US$20m movie star laughably makes claims of being the People’s Governor. Not too sure how he’s going to manage that from his Hollywood mansions. On the other hand, he looked cool in his open-checked shirt.

What isn’t so cool is his refusal to say what he’s actually going to *do* – apart from not raise taxes. You’d think that a guy with a multi-million-dollar fortune wouldn’t blink at raising tax levels a little to pay for all those unemployed HTML coders. Instead he’d instigate a 60-day budget review, and then cut the budget. Doesn’t say where though. So he could just slash welfare or childcare (assuming the Californinan state controls these things of course!).

*shudder*. The sad thing is, he will get elected. And then he’ll lead a campaign to revoke the Constitutional law that forbids “foreign” people from taking office. Either that or he’ll be VP.

And who do the Democrats have? Barbra Streisand. Whoops.

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