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No pregnant ladies…

No pregnant ladies…

I was having some delicious sushi with some dear Northern friends of mine, when I noticed a particular icon on my Japanese beer bottle.

I don’t follow health news at all, but even I know that pregnant ladies are generally discouraged from smoking and drinking. So why they need a particular icon to signify that, in the unlikely event that a pregnant lady picks up a bottle of Sapporo beer, is anyone’s guess!

The temptation to make this my new avatar is quite high…

In other American news, a pregnant lady is admitted to hospital. She’s a smoker. The doctors go to court to argue that she should be confined to bed until the baby is born, to stop her smoking and harming the baby. The courts agree.

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  • This must be a new European thing… I saw this a few days ago too, I think it may have been on a bottle of wine or whisky only I was too grumpy to even point it out to the people around me who would probably have been too pissed to find it weird anyway. So, erm, it’s weird but cropping up in other places too.

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