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Cardiff flash mob has arrived!

Cardiff flash mob has arrived!

Yahoo! Groups : flashmobcardiff – be careful, Cardiffians…


  • Right – where's my gun?

  • Are you going to join them? Maybe you'll meet some ppl.

  • First off, this is hardly random spam.

    Okay, here's what I did to obtain your e-mail address. First, I pulled up the Advanced Search option of the Google search engine. Then, I entered "flash mob" in the "with all the words" field. After choosing "20 results", I then clicked on "Google search". Before I sent anybody this courriel, I examined each website to ascertain whether there was an invitation of any sort. By invitation, I mean phrases such as "I welcome comments" and other like remarks.

    In a sense, you passed the test. And that is why you've received this missive. In the event you received one previously, this one comes with new information.

    For the sake of quick review, a 28-year-old female aide was found dead in the congressional district office of former Representative Joe Scarborough, currently an MSNBC luminary. The official inquiry into death of the aide, a Mrs Lori Klausutis, left some details open to further investigation. In the earlier note, I mentioned that those details nag at me, A Alexander Stella.

    What's more, I'm far from being the only one. There are dozens of websites that are devoting space to this curious happenstance.

    So, for the sake of justice for Lori Klausutis, I'm asking recipients such as yourself to consider employing the phenomenon of flash mobs. If you would like like more details, you're certainly invited to click on the following hyperlink:

    flash mob for Lori

    thanking you in advance for your time in reading this appeal,

    warm regards
    A Alexander "Bogey" Stella

    Oh, swell, likely enough, you'll have to click on my name, ah, the one by the date. And, if that fails, try inserting in the address field of your browser the following U.R.L, namely,

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