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Spinning a news story?

Spinning a news story?

The Fabian Society publishes a report saying what the environmental movement has been saying for ages – that it’ll take more than recycling to stop the environmental disasters. Rather a change in people’s attitudes and behaviours – ie not driving down the road to pick up a pint of milk – and politicians taking serious long-term action. Although given Ken Livingstone’s hassles over trying to implement a £5 congestion charge in London, that seems unlikely.

And how does BBC News spin the story?

“Put your recycling out, fit energy efficient bulbs, use public transport – you think you’re helping to save the planet. But could all our efforts be futile?”

Still, got me reading it. And I’m probably about to almost give up the environmental battle – all my friends see me as slightly eccentric and weird for not buying a car, recycling etc. And Cardiff isn’t exactly geared up for non-car users. 🙁


  • I don't think you're eccentric and weird – at least, not for environmental reasons.

    And what's this about Cardiff not being geared up for non-car users? Not only is it practically flat for cycling, but I know for a fact that you are within 5' of frequent bus services into work. I also know for a fact that you do quite nicely for lifts home from work…

  • Don't give up out of despair, give up because it's the right thing to do, read 'The Skeptical Environmentalist' by Bjorn Lomborg and 'The State of Humanity' edited by Julian Simon.

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