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Now the rest of my life can begin…

Now the rest of my life can begin…

Me and HyperHambecause HyperHam has finally gotten permission from the glorious British government to pop over and live with me in my West London palace for a very very long time.

After all the stressing of getting documents together for proof and all that, it did seem like a relatively easy process. Just the nail-biting wait – and we paid an extra $100 for an expediter to get an express service too.

Still, now I have three or so weeks to turn my bachelor West London pad into a place permanently fit for a Queen. so that means out with the old rotting food and the decade-old mattress, and in with a new one. Although she likes it soft and I like it hard (fnarr fnarr) so I guess this means we’ll have to compromise!

What else do I need, besides lots of new coathangers and Lush soaps?


  • not just Lush soaps! bath bombs, massage bars, bubble bars, jellies…. the list goes on. I suppose you’re not far from a branch if you ever run out…

  • For heaven's sake, just be yourself. She's coming over to be with you, not for your soap. The rotting food might have to go though.

    Good luck to you both.

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