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Cardiff multicultural? don't make me laugh…

Cardiff multicultural? don't make me laugh…

From Real Cardiff by Peter Finch:

“The city is overtly multi-cultural with, for Wales, a large percentage of Asians, afro-Caribbeans and significant enclaves from Somalia and Yemen.”

Only a white person could possibly come up with a preposterous statement like the above. (and only a drunk person as stupid as me could come up with an all-encompassing generalisation as the above guaranteed to get me hate mail).

Yes, Cardiff can be considered multi-cultural – if you merely take the definition to mean that non-white folk live here. They do, quelle surprise.

Do they integrate? Are white people seen at bhangra events? Are non-white people seen at Cardiff Stadium events or Cardiff City football matches? Do white Cardiffian women show much flexibility in wanting to date non-white men? Hell, no.

Until that happens, then Cardiff is not multi-cultural. The end. Till then, everyone’s just slapping themselves on the back about how multi-cultural they are, on the basis they know bhangra is not a boxing event.

Of course, it could be argued that Cardiff has enough trouble defending its’ own Welsh culture from the English and the Amerikanski…


  • Speaking as a Jewish Yorkshirewoman, I feel very multi-cultural.

    Did you know that Peter Finch chooses to ignore the existence of Pontcanna in Real Cardiff? Whatever you might think of Pontcanna and its denizens (careful now – I’m one of them), its dramatic conversion into media luvvy land deserves at least a mention.

    Personally – I think it’s because he lives in Roath.

  • That’s rather a blinkered view given half the white teenage population of Cardiff are desperate to be the next Nelly, 95% of us shop at Asian stores on a daily basis and we all love curry and kebabs.

  • Peter

    Take a look at page 58, 100, 101 & 131 – or, failing that, watch out for Real Cardiff Two. You've got to leave space for the future.

  • Steveo

    Nice site, loads of stuff, must take ages to update….

    Anyway, your comment about Cardiff has enough trouble dfending its own Welsh culture from the English and the Yankskis.

    I was recently in St Clears and was surprised about the amount of "English people are wan*ers" that was reported as FACT in news programs.
    Example, BBC reported people queueing for dentists in Wales, how 600 people went for 300 spaces. The BBC reporter said "The English of course don't have these problems" A real anti-English slant on the whole piece, when I got back in England the style of reporting was completely different. And of course people in England have the same grief, I cant get NHS dentist, grandfather waited 18mths for hip replacement etc etc….. Ramble over..

  • Come on, we all know Cardiff City football isn't the most cultural friendly of places, hell, it's had it's problems fullstop. Sure, i understand where you're coming from, but just because you don't see many white people attending Bhangra events, i'm sorry, but it's up to individual people to descide that they like Bhangra, and anyway, even if flocks of white people came to a Bhangra event, i don't think many people will be too pleased.

    And don't take out your relationship problems and try to make out that it's all down to race.

    I'm sorry beforehand if this sounds arguementative.

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