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These shoes get you banned from a Cardiff club

These shoes get you banned from a Cardiff club

After a night celebrating a friend’s 30th birthday party with a suitably (ridiculously) expensive dinner at La Fosse, we went to Bar Cuba to continue the festivites. Where the stupid-ass bouncer banned me for wearing Apparently these shoes on the grounds that they were trainers. I mean, what gives? It’s the 21st Century – are we still seriously rating people on their footwear, of all fucking things? I’d almost think it was something to do with my race …

Still, their loss because as a result, all 15 of us eventually went drinking at Bar Med – which wasn’t that great, aside from two ridiculously skinny teenage girls (one of them half-Chinese) dancing and us older men observing younger men’s dating attempts to pull them, and reminiscing. Well, they were since I’ve never pulled in a bar…

From there, we ended up at Barfly – a basementy dark club playing New Order, the Beatles and the Manics – with Bez from the Happy Mondays DJing in three weeks time. (The fact you have to specify where Bez comes from scares me…)

’twas just what the doctor ordered for me, with us single men joining in the anthemic choruses and grooving away, working up a sweat, doing lots of male hugging (smelly!) … Mind you, the older coupled ones stood there looking vaguely tired…

One footnote. The birthday boy actually spent his 30th birthday alone in a youth hostel reading a book – which actually sounds like a sensible way to spend it.


  • Can I just point out that two men kissing is no sicker than seeing two people of any gender kissing? Bah humbug to lovey-dovey couples of all and any gender, I say!

  • Not at all! You need to spend it out, partying and getting laid! Failing that – the partying with mates option is always cool. I did my 30th with three mates in Dublin. Had a fab weekend, which I'll always remember… even now, as an old, old lady!

  • s kelly

    i agree bar cuba of queens street in cardiff is full of drug dealing wankers and sluts.the music is total shit and i would advise people to never go took me 20 minutes to get served a pint of lagar which was i also witnessed 2 men kissing,how sick.

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