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This is pathetic. Truly pathetic.

This is pathetic. Truly pathetic.

The fab EPIC trailer for the new series of Doctor Who, Spring 2010.

The trailer’s not pathetic. I am. because:

  • There were tears in my eye at the LOGO. The fricking LOGO.
  • Thanks to new BBC technologies, I can now finally embed a bit of Doctor Who content on my website. There’s absolutely no need to – after all, every Doctor Who fan knows where to go to get the new trailer. Or I could just send you a link. Instead, I am making a post simply to embed a piece of content that’s avaialble everywhere else. Go me.


  • Oh Dear Mr Wong.

    Anyone can edit a trailer to make it look really, really punchy. In fact, the reason VT editors jobs exist is to make things look really punchy. That’s their raison d’etre.

    Yes. The Logo is brilliant. We all love a good font and a tasty bit of design.

    But your shameless love of the impending series based on the latest trailer featuring cutesy Matt Wothisname leaves me to conclude one thing.

    Considering you’re a BBC boy of ten years now, I’m confident in asserting you’d really like a job on the Doctor Who production team.

    Take the shame.


  • At some point, the job was advertised. I didn't even look at it πŸ˜‰

  • PS: I am not a BBC boy of 10 years. More like a spluttering boy, in and out of the revolving door every so often. I'm on my fourth login!

  • You may not have looked at the job but bet you wished you had.


  • Nope. You can't make me go back to Cardiff! You can't!

  • I hate the logo. Dull. Very mediocre.

    Ok it's the tardis, but what is it supposed to say?

  • <blockquote cite="#comment-body-8427">
    Monkeycat :

    I hate the logo. Dull. Very mediocre.
    Ok it’s the tardis, but what is it supposed to say?

    And the old logo (the RTD logo) was saying what exactly?

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