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The End of Time Part II – my jumbled thoughts

The End of Time Part II – my jumbled thoughts

Wow. Just Wow. Definitely a programme for the fans – as, in many ways, it ought to be. Although even for the fans, the writing was marvellous. It fooled me, feigning a left hook then throwing a right punch. And the way that Matt Smith turned out to be a bad dream…

Fortunately, I think there’s just enough information for the non-fans to get it, although perhaps not the vast epic scale of it.

Jumbled spoilery thoughts after the break….

  • The writing was MARVELLOUSLY constructed. Building up to the biggest season arc in Doctor Who (arguably over four seasons), which you’d think would have SOMETHING to do with the biggest thing that can happen in the programme. The four knocks. When that moment comes…

    You can certainly knock some of the individual episodes that Russell T Davies has written, and the plotlines – but the man who can write Midnight and Partners In Crime in the same year, wrongfoot fans of a 45-year-old TV programme and bring back a programme that many had thought was dead, deserves his place as a great writer of TV drama.

    And he’s from Swansea.

  • and I s’pose David Tennant was quite good too. It’s his fault my sister actually took an interest in something I’ve been watching for 20+ years. And Shakespeare for that matter. He’s the kind of actor/person who makes it look all far too easy… it’s so not fair!
  • I was a bit fearful that Donna would somehow regain all her memories and become cool Donna again. Not because I disliked Donna – loved her – but the programme did have a nasty habit of pretending all locks were closed on a box, only to open it again. At least this box stayed closed…
  • Although ironically, the Return of the Time Lords turns out to be a slight disappointment. For a start, the Time Lords wanted to do the exact insane/Armageddonial thing that Davros wanted to do in Journey’s End … and you really mean, the best authority alpha-male actor you can get to match David Tennant is Timothy Dalton? He’s good, but not that good. Couldn’t you have asked Patrick Stewart?
  • The Tenth Doctor pretty much popping up everywhere to save everyone and say Goodbye to everyone. Even the Adipose! If you thought Journey’s End was a reunion for the fans … Slash-fic fans will have a field day – as if they didn’t have one before.
  • But really, Martha and Mickey? The only two black characters in New Who, and you pair them up?
  • And finally, a properly-written regeneration. It was milked to an inch of its’ life, but properly – which makes a nice change from when they were being used as a cliffhanger…
  • And that final line… Which apparently took 4 takes. What it must be like, to be an actor…
  • They blew up the TARDIS console room! You bastards!
  • Still, that new chap seemed to have the right manic energy.

But alas, it’s time to take down all those David Tennant posters (not that I have any on my wall. I’ve never been particularly external about my love of Doctor Who in terms of merchandise. Well, beyond DVDs and books, obviously.). There’s a huge one burnt into the wall at work, so I wonder what they’ll do with that. Maybe they’ll be as ruthless as thoroughlygood :

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