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My thoughts of The End of Time (SPOILERS GALORE)

My thoughts of The End of Time (SPOILERS GALORE)

The last five minutes of The End of Time had me just staring open-mouthed in amazement at the TV, as this … no, THIS … no, no, THIS … became the most amazing cliffhanger of all. Which certainly makes one hell of a change from the usual Christmas episode where I switch off feeling slightly cheap, used, and disappointed.

But anyway, don’t look any further until you’ve watched The End of Time Part One AND the preview clip of Part Two

  • It took a VERY long time to get going, and for the plot to kick in. Almost as if it was a one-episode idea stretched to breaking point…
  • On the other hand, those final scenes with John Simm will have my Simm-loving friends in an absolute state of frenzy. They’re probably still frothing at the mouth
  • Then again, what they’ve done with the Time Lords will have most Whovians frothing at the mouth, I fear…
  • I must also apologise to my friends Linus, Graham and Ty – who have often said that RTD must re-visit the Time war at some point, at which point I say that he’d never do it because it’d be far too confusing and weird for non-fans. What does the BBC do? Schedule the episode about the Time War on the biggest day of the year – New Years’ Day. Egg. Face.
  • Wouldn’t it be rather daft for Joshua Naismith, the man who built his riches on technological fortunes, to write a book called Fighting The Future?
  • The speech about death didn’t have me at all. Maybe I was just too bloated.
  • It’s such a shame that the return of the mythical Time Lords basically has six people sitting around a slightly fancy table from Habitat

Plot-holes galore include:

  • The Resurrection of the Master. Really. On one hand, how did they get BBC One to show something straight out of the Hammer House of Horrors? On the other hand, “you think you’ve got a magic potion? But a-ha, even though I’ve been trapped in a jail cell for a year, I’ve got another secret potion!”
  • And how could a religious devil cult form around a British Prime Minister?
  • So you’re Joshua Naismith, a technological genius and multi-billionaire. Your daughter is a proud member of a religious devil cult. Would you really want to give her immortality? And what makes you think an alien race that couldn’t stop itself crashing into a Welsh mountain can create such a thing?
  • You’re an alien race that thinks it can create immortality devices, but can’t stop yourself crashing into the side of a Welsh mountain. Why would you build such a device that works on a planetary scale?
  • I’m a resurrected evil genius of a Time Lord, and I’ve managed to make 4 billion carbon copies of myself. Now what? We can’t all be the evil devilish leader who concocts a new plan. Some of us will have to don rubber gloves and clean out those filthy engines before we can create a new Space Army…

But as I said, for 30 minutes after that cliffhanger, I was just a-gog. Mouth like a goldfish, endlessly flapping going ‘What… ?’


  • You just know it's going to end RTDly though (badly) with some big galactic reset and everything disappearing in an unsatisfactory manner, except the Doctor catches it at the last minute. Your recaptcha is also one of the most surreal I've seen in a while, I need to type in Sobelswedlin Evoking to post…

  • As a new fan of Dr Who (in the last 2 months lol) I have no clue about them revisiting the time war.. or how all those time lords are back. How…? Huh?!
    I agree about your points on the cult around the prime minister and such.. it just felt SO SO far fetched.

    I just loved Wilf and Donna.. the scene in the cafe – with Wilf and Doctor, oh man. Hard to watch.

    I am so nervous about next week's ep!

  • honestly, the master always did have a knack for devil cults. (remember the daemons) Whats with the funky energy powers.

    Your dead on about the evil army of master clones.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing how he ends this, (fingers crossed) hopefully well (for once)

  • Harnes

    OK – You missed a key element. The drums in the master's head are real. Remember the boy who became the master was a childhood friend of the Doctor. The Master has also been controlled and reborn several times by the power of the TimeLords during the series classic period. Now, to avert their own destruction, these Timelords – who awoke to their power and anger in the Timewar, have used the Master and probably others to change time itself, allowing them to return in all their power. They put the drumming in his head and drove a young boy mad…

    These are not the comfortable intellectuals watching the Universe and time. This is a race at war who will do anything to win – and with their return all the future will crash, burn and be remade. I can't wait!!!

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